Robert Schaberl

In the abstract paintings by Robert Schaberl large monochrome circular shapes are dominating, unfolding their intense colours in a clear outline over the bright background of the canvas. The central shapes fill the frame developing a magical attraction.

Due to the complex glazes and the use of interference pigments, Robert Schaberl is able to create concentrated meditative color spaces of impressive strength and depth. The stacked layers of high intensity paint suggest an infinite color space that seems to vibrate in the interior of the circle, dissolving the two-dimensional limitation of the canvas.
In the transparent applications of color forms an intangible colored light, a painted light, which seems to illuminate the work suggesting a meditative color space in the two-dimensional surface that opens to infinity. Color and light, space and time come together in concentric centrifugal shapes.

This intrusion into the inside of the color space is opposed by the reflection of light on the ink surface, depending on viewing angle, a subtle space limit. Depending on the light, the open, vibrant color space closes itself with its smooth, opaque and light-reflecting surface as a cohere space.

This interplay of inside and outside, between open and closed space creates an ambiguous tension which attracting the visitor but at the same time keeping him at a distance, which marks the border to the real exhibition space.